Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Residency


My name is John. I am a part of this summer residency. For the most part I make paintings and drawings, but sometimes I make other things. I just finished my masters degree, and so I have this huge cloud of work that I made for it. A lot of them I didn't get to hang up because of space limitations. I was mostly interested in using this time to make installation moves, to make art by installation. I want to hang them up, install them, see them with odd bed fellows and see them just right. I want to see them in really good and in really bad and in really mediocre lights.

This is one of my paintings.

I also have this show at The Bell Museum, so some of those pictures will be preoccupied. I was thinking it would then be neat also to make paintings in real time, or make really really specific paintings. So, first things first, right now I want to talk to everybody and get to know you other participators. I think that I will come to the potluck so hopefully I will meet a bunch of you. But, I mean, contact me anytime!


Thank you. I can't wait!

John Bell

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