Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grace Minnesota

Hi, we're Grace Minnesota--Marcus, Aki, Travis, and Kathleen.

We hope you'll help us develop "Don't you feel it too?" A
mind-body practice of liberating the spirit through dancing your inner life in public places, it's dancing where dancing does not usually belong, it's purposeful self-embarrassment, and an aspiring spiritual technology.

To that end, we plan to offer free yoga classes that'll also serve to create a warm-up routine for "Don't you feel it too?" Most likely, these will be on select Monday mornings. We'll also hold discussions, probably on many Saturday mornings, on spirituality, after listening to recorded lectures together. Finally, we want to hold two interdisciplinary roundtables--one on 1000-year planning and the other on a creating live art repertory.

You can join us for any of this. Of course, we'll have weekly dancing on Nicollet Mall and downtown Saint Paul, like we've been doing since 2008!

Grace Minnesota is a behavioral art studio whose work attends to the inner, natural, and civic life, creating personal practice and collective experience. Played out in public spaces, within institutions, or across systems of the city, our work invites individual commitment, public involvement, and transdisciplinary collaboration. We practice art as we wish we could live life. Grace MN is a nearby place that promotes artistic unorthodoxy, spiritual experimentation, and Midwestern sensibility. The group was founded in 2009.

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