Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Summer / Peter HappelChristian

I am planning a few experimental short events and small installations in AoT that will explore ideas about saving, ownership, remembering and anticipation among other things. In a lot of my work I investigate social relationships with the landscape through the intersection of photography, sculpture, performance and installation and am looking forward to the residency to expand on these ideas and processes. At times, I collaborate with another person, Phillip Andrew Lewis (based in Chattanooga, TN), under the collaborative name Clear As Day. He and I may work on something for Open Summer as well as work with others to connect the dots between the geographies of the upper Midwest and the South.

I am based in Saint Cloud, so my physical presence may be lower than other residents, but I will stay mentally present all summer long. I'm open to a range of collaborative activities that are not necessarily dependent on being in the same location and hope to be actively involved despite the distance.


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