Thursday, June 3, 2010

R.S.V.P. Nate Carey (Attending)

My name is Nate Carey and I’m an artist working and living in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I initially proposed to continue a recent performance that investigates a migration from physical labor to intellectual labor that is happening in the workforce and how we as workers are coming to terms with our new functions. BUT, after learning more about the Open Summer project I’m excited to do much more than that! I will be making myself readily available every weekend by becoming an assistant/tool/worker to the Open Summer residents or possibly anyone reading the blog. My uses include but are not limited to: developing ideas, fetching supplies, installing work, cleaning spaces, moving objects, counseling, buying coffee, giving haircuts, walking dogs. What ever the chore may be, I look forward to working with and for you this summer.


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