Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi! My name is Kevin Loecke.
My work most often takes the form of paintings, both individual pieces on salvaged wood and larger mural works. I ground my contemporary art practice in folk art techniques and imagery. My intent is to create artworks that poetically engage with individuals on the nature of the human condition in contemporary society.

I am also interested in populist methods of artistic distribution, whether this involves making a painting on the side of a garage or giving away free chapbooks of drawings. For my summer residency project, I will be building A-frame sidewalk signboards at AOT. Then I am going to make paintings on the signboards in the gallery's front yard. They will be displayed as signage in the front yard. The number of them will increase throughout the summer. I will probably be working in the front yard one weeknight and one weekend day every week. I am thinking about trying to expand the project to make personalized mural/signboards for interested neighbors.

I am also excited to meet all the other artists and see how collaborations might develop as projects get going. I am always willing to help out when I am around. If you have suitable wood scraps, I would like to use them for signboard construction.

I have a flickr site where I document my art. It is also an archive of my obsession with taking snapshots:

I love potlucks, and it is a personal goal for my summer to make a lot of potato and pasta salads. See you soon, Kevin.

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