Thursday, June 3, 2010

ginny maki, an open summer resident

Hi There, Everyone,

I’m an artist who works with predominantly traditional materials (drawing, painting, building shoddily-constructed things out of wood) and conceptually explores the human relationship to place. The above image is of the Iron County Field Station, a current project of mine, which is a vehicle to both explore and record a place while sharing the things I make (mostly drawings and photographs) with the community there. Also this summer I’m working on a project of photographing the underwater terrain of a few midwestern lakes. I look to how we have subconscious relationships with areas we are familiar with, but when we explore these places critically and ask ourselves to have interactions with them that we hadn’t before, it brings a new dimension to our perception and interpretation of them.

I have really no plans for this residency, I just wanted to be involved and meet people and see where I can help out and where others might want to help me, more emphasis on the former. I usually travel to northern Wisconsin during the weekdays, and work in south Minneapolis on the weekends, so my involvement here in the cities is limited to only a few evenings a week. (This will vary depending on the week.) However, I’d love to have anyone along on my trips up north, and would love to plan some camping outings around the cities! Okay, thank you! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at the woodshop.

Ginny Maki

and contact me anytime:

715 862-2092

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