Friday, June 4, 2010

Pods on the Lawn

Hey Everyone My name is Sean Connaughty.
This summer I intend to to build constructions on the front lawn of Art of this Gallery. I work with many different materials and enjoy exploring the artistic potential of common, often natural materials. For this project I intend to use freshly cut tree branches, which I have collected from Twin Cities' tree trimming crews. These salvaged materials will be used to build large suspended pods that can hopefully support the weight of humans inside of them. The trickiest part will be to create a support that can hold these objects above the ground. Any Ideas? They must be able to support about 300 pounds (a person and a pod). I have the ropes, but must build the device/mechanism to hold them up. basically all I need is a strong anchor to hang a rope from. I plan to build these throughout the residency period. and also hope to forge a connection between structures at Art of This and similar structures I will be building at the Walker Art Center (July 15, 16 and 17). I am hoping to have some live performances created within these pods. As an example, see the performance I did this past winter:


I am hoping to get some help making these structures and to collaborate with other artists to enrich this idea. Musical artists could perform within or around them visual artists could add to or transform them. Contact me.

looking forward to this very much!
Sean Connaughty
Minneapolis, MN

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