Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Open Audio

Hi everybody,

I'm another one whose ideas have totally changed since this all started. I realize now that I'm having way more fun with audio than with visual ideas. Even though I have NO idea what I'm doing. So I'd like to make audio recordings in and around AOT, mostly ambient, although maybe more structured? I don't know. I'm planning to show up at random times and make recordings with my spy microphones and am hoping to begin that this Saturday afternoon. So if you see me in the basement or wherever, scratching at the walls or something, that is what I'm doing. I might show up at your event and lurk around recording too: I'm a pretty discreet person but please do let me know if you'd prefer I not do that. Like I said, I'm mostly interested in ambient sounds: scratches, footsteps, creaks, etc.

I am also hoping to reserve a day or more in which anyone can come and use my equipment to collaborate on this recording of the space, or make their own recording. Right now I'm looking at July 12th as a possibility for that.

I love seeing what everyone is planning, it is very inspiring, thanks to all.


mail [at] meganvossler [dot] com

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