Monday, June 28, 2010

The Colony, by Juana Berrío

Hello everyone,

Welcome to The Colony. Would you like to be part of it? If so, are you interested or know someone who would like to:

1. Share their knowledge, experience or ideas around any variation of the word colony: ie. Bacteria colonies, colonization, colonial styles, colony collapse dissorder, immigrants colonies, animals colonies, space colonization, artist colonies etc?

2. Want to help colonize the Art of This space?

3. Just come to listen and observe how other people make this happen?

The Colony is an experimental art project that seeks to explore the ambiguous possibilities and variations of the term “colony”. With this project I’m interested in exploring questions about crisis, power, transformation, communication, authority, imposition vs. emergence, invasion vs. integration, paranoia vs. common sense, insider vs. outsider, collaboration vs. paternalism, individual vs. collective, and exploitation vs. sustainability.

The project will have to main components: First, a day long collaborative effort to collect, share and display information and experiences around any variation or conception of the term “colony”. Second, a day long performing experience of colonizing the Art of This gallery space with material and/or immaterial stuff, in other words, objects and/or ideas. Each event will take place in two different days.

The following is a sequence of videos that show some of the different approaches I am hoping "The Colony" will be made out of:


  1. i will be a resident in AOT as in residing there for august. a living sleep eating colonization of AOT. my number is 785 341 9437. call to meet up and talk about colon(y)(ialism)(ization).
    -emily atchison