Monday, June 28, 2010

Common Room/Art Of This: multi-site opportunities.

Through the month of August, we (Sergio and Andy) will be programming Wednesday and Friday night events at the Common Room in The Soap Factory. The Common Room (pictured above, in 2009) is located in the former administrative offices of the National Purity Company, the building's tenant before it became The Soap Factory in 1995. It has been restored to closely resemble the midcentury office space it once was.
On Friday, August 27, we plan to set up a satellite Common Room office at AOT, and hold concurrent events at both locations. A bicycle tour will take participants between both spaces, highlighting along the way the economic, social, historical and political ties between South Minneapolis and the Nicollet Avenue commercial corridor where AOT is located, and the old East Bank Mill District where the Common Room is located. We plan to link up the two sites using mid-20th Century technology, as well -- radio, wireless, telegram, courier, Telex, fax machine, carrier pigeon, and/or pneumatic tube. Participants at both sites will have the opportunity to interact remotely in a pre-digital fashion. Experts in mid-century communication techniques are invited to lend their expertise.
We are also still accepting proposals for a few other nights (July 11 and 20), and we encourage all AOT summer residents to submit project proposals for other multi-site events at the Common Room and AOT. A call for work can be found here, or you can email us directly

Best regards,
Sergio and Andy

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