Sunday, July 18, 2010

Model/Remodel - July 26-31


Peter HappelChristian

July 26-July 31, 2010

Soon after buying a house, I discovered a fluorescent light tube in the rafters of my basement saved by a previous owner. Attached to the light tube with a rubber band, on notepad paper titled “God Loves Me,” was a handwritten note that read: “9/9/98… This tube removed from a discarded fixture. Should still be good.” The discovery of this object and the sentiment of the handwritten reminder form the background for the installation and slideshow of Model/Remodel. Part introspection and part survey, the installation explores ideas about ownership, saving, and remembering and includes collections of Polaroids and trophies. Join me in the gallery on Saturday, July 31 at 7pm for a presentation and slideshow. Make the evening special for you - BYOFB (bring your own favorite beverage).

Installation in the gallery will be on view beginning Monday, July 26. Stop by sometime on Sunday, July 25 during the install to say "Hey." A casual presentation and slideshow will be Saturday, July 31 at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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