Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RSVP | Works Progress

My name is Shanai Matteson and I work with a group of designers, writers and artists under the name Works Progress. Colin Kloecker & Troy Gallas are also working with WP, along with a few others who I hope you will meet in the coming months. We are excited to be part of the Open Summer. Right now we have a show up at Intermedia Arts that looks at some of the ways that art, economics and community intertwine, both in a tangible, practical sense, and in our imagination. We are interested in continuing this conversation while in residence at AOT. We will be planning a couple of gatherings that we hope will inspire, challenge, and ultimately fortify a network of artists and artist-run spaces and organizations around the Twin Cities. We will also be doing some design work around these ideas, hopefully developing some visual languages that will help us to better communicate and collaborate with other communities.

We are also interested in ecological models for artististic community, and are excited to observe what happens with the experiment that is AOT Open Summer.

Our Website: worksprogress.org
You can reach us by emailing: hello[at]worksprogress.org

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