Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to Cram for Finals!

Alexa Boesel, 2010

Scattered Light needs you!

As if we all don't have enough to do before Summer 2010 begins, but time is running out to respond to the Assignments of Scattered Light. In fact, Summer 2010 will not even begin until our work has been completed and we are able to bask in the blue glow.

The best part is, your photographic responses, in either digital or printed form, will be on view at Art of This from May 22-June 12. On top of that, visitors to the exhibition will be able to view and print their favorite photos! And, even more, all the photos will be archived by AOT and RO/LU and some will be featured on this very blog. Bloggariffic!

So come on! We implore you to participate. Not only can it be quick and easy, but a heckuva lot of fun too. Get your friends involved, tell your family, make up an alter ego and submit something you would never submit as the real you. Scattered Light is up for anything you are willing to throw its way. It is up to you!

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  1. 最敏捷的,未必贏得競賽:最強大的,未必贏得戰爭:時間與機會才是主人..............................