Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Sounds from a Silver Shape - Saturday Night

Did you know that when Dan Graham got going in the art world it was a gallery owner? His space was just like Art of This, so they tell me. How about that? Well, supposedly Dan Graham is gonna be in town early next month, maybe even earlier than that. If only I was in the know. So it goes. However, to get the ball rolling, this weekend's One-Nighter event at AOT is somewhat inspired by the aforementioned artist, as well as 1970's pop stars. Check it out!
Saturday Night! AOT presents September Sounds from a Silver Shape, organized by local artist Isa Gagarin. This event features the sounds of Isa and Rachel Blomgren's band 'Tête à Tête,' plus other musicians like Jackie Becky, Jonathon Kaiser, Tynan Kerr, Aby Wolf and Emily Atchinson, all performing inside the shimmering silver shape. Far out!
Saturday 9/19 from 7-11pm. Come on out and experience the sounds of silver!

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