Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MadKingThomas Brings the Pain with SLEDGEHAMMER #2

Just because you were not @ AOT the first time Mad King Thomas performed in and pummeled the gallery space doesn't mean you have to be left out of the fun. Even though you missed out on swigging from the gallon jug of Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey we won't hold it against you. So what you weren't the guy who joined the award-winning trio to uproot the metal post from the sculptural stage, tearing apart the floorboards. And who really cares if you weren't one of the half dozen people who witnessed what has become one of the most legendary 3-hour performances in recent Minneapolis history.
Sometimes life hands you a second chance. This is one of those times.
Saturday night @ AOT, Mad King Thomas return to the scene of their transgressions to continue their investigation into their own control and power - or lack thereof. This new 3-hour performance, entitled Sledgehammer #2, delves further into themes of spectacle, identity and power with their unique brand of satire, subversion and smashing. So come on out and have a hork from the jug. Maybe bring some safety glasses too.

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