Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Public (re)reading

One more person, whose plans have completely changed. Way back when in May I proposed a reading - me in front of people that is. Now I am more geared towards leaving the reading up to - well, the reader - meaning you. My plan is to read the NYT every single day and create a text erasure out of one of the articles. My first thought was to come everyday into the gallery to do all that - my way of doing a public reading - but let's see how it pans out. I won't need much space for it. For the actual reading it will be just me sitting in a corner, paper and pen in my hand. The only space I do need on a continuous basis is a spot on the front ledge in the gallery for a stack of papers and a clipboard with my already completed erasures for you to read. I hope that doesn't interfere with anybody's project. If so, please let me know.
Thanks for reading,
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