Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer timeeeeeeeeeee

heyyyyy all!!!

first im SO grateful for and stoked about this opportunity! i just graduated from the U of M a few weeks ago so this is sort of a dream come true thing to do just blasting out of college. im happy to be back and in action with the residency; i just got back yesterday from a three week road trip across the wild west of the US; lots of great camping and driving and hiking and i got some great photos and tried my hand at a few videos so id like to incorporate them somehow into my work for the summer.

in my photography class last semester i was doing some work with jars and they are going to be the basis of the work i make for the summer, i know i definitely want to do an installation type of thing with them that creates some sort of light/playful/whimsical world... something with some really great light. im really fascinated with jars and their potential to contain/be filled/be opened and emptied and also the potential to be creative with their surfaces. im most interested in how they will be displayed (hanging maybe? some of them?) and how people will interact with them based on that.

im in love with good, quality quotes so ill be supplying you guys and my work with some good ones throughout the summer :)!

lets see.... thats about it for now i think. i hope the potluck on wednesday was grand and im really excited to meet you all on saturday as well as work with and be inspired by all of you for the summer!! see you in a few days :)!

peace& love love love-

(ps- im a terrible speller so try not to judge me)

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