Thursday, June 10, 2010

RSVP Dowel Mountain

Dear Fellow Residents,

Thanks to all for a great potluck!

I’m slow off the gate here with the blog, but want to let you know I’ll be “in residency” starting soon, June 14 – June 18. My plan is to build a large boulder/mountain out of 1/8” dowels. Both internal and external structure will be visible. Why do this? I am interested in building something large-scale that is simultaneously delicate and fragile. This work will complement other works dealing with landscape that I have been making in my studio. The rapid-pace of the residency forces me into a do-or-die situation where I must commit to work intuitively without the opportunity to question the outcome.

I will host a dual opening at AOT and my studio on Friday, June 18, 7pm to 10 pm. Please tell friends to check out both spaces.
Looking forward to all the action at AOT.

The address to my studio is:
3958 Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Alexa Horochowski

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