Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hello summer residency

To be quite honest, there's really no telling what I'll end up with this summer, but there are two projects I have in mind:

*Hungry Ghosts*
30-40ish masks that completely cover the face, offer limited vision and a TINY hole for the mouth
imagine a roommful of people wearing these masks conversing and trying to eat giant cupcakes

i'm interested in bringing in various groups-not in the art community-to use the AOT space.
quakers, folks from the zen center, sacred harp singers, african dancers, babysitters a babysittin, etc...

I want to spend as much time as possible in the AOT space... reading, talking, working, listening, dancing, napping, eating, etc. I want to force myself to talk to new people (you all!)

Lots of Love,
Jennifer Hedrich

www.jenniferhedrich.com and jenniferhedrich.blogspot.com

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