Sunday, June 6, 2010

summer endeavors

This summer I'm planning to create a series of physical and sensory endeavors open to everyone's participation. These will be loosely designed to research and develop our perceptual capacities, and to play with individual and collective experience.

I am much inspired by experiences with somatic practices and Body Mind Centering (excited for ecosomatics below!), and the notion of un-patterning habitual manners of thinking and feeling through deviations in physical experience. Likewise, reading about neurological studies recently has got me thinking about intentionally creating actions or experiences that may alter our own brain/body chemistry.

I'm hoping to play around with this idea both in a participatory series at Art of This, and also in individual implementations/collaborations with other residents that may take place outside of the gallery...

I will be out in the woods for a week and missing the first potluck, but, I'm really looking forward to meeting and playing with you all this summer! I'm happy to help with and/or participate in other projects.
-Julia (online exhibition up until end of June)

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