Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scattered Light Homework

So, it turns out we have all been slacking off this spring, myself included. Who could blame us? the weather has been amazing, absolutely perfect for cutting class and skipping assignments. Well, finals are coming and it's time to get caught up. And since the weather is so ideal for this kind of project, we have no excuse to not participate and take some photos. Plus they will be in the show that is Scattered Light.
Here's what we are talking about:
Assignment #1: "A view of a flat horizon line over land or water."

Assignment #2: "A view of your bedroom lying on your bed."

Assignment #3: "A photo of a wall."

Assignment #4: "Take a photograph of your bed after waking up."

So let's get going. There are two more poster/assignments coming. And remember, if you take photos they will be part of the show and the Opening of Scattered Light is right around the corner. May 22!

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