Monday, October 5, 2009

Andy DuCett and Ruben Nusz Infest AOT!

Andy DuCett - A.O.T. Has Been Here Forever, Except When it Wasn't
Ruben Nusz - Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires

OPENING RECEPTION - 10/10/09, 7-11pm

For most artists presenting at AOT, we are happy to serve as host for them, their work and their adoring fans. However, AOT is being used as a different kind of host this weekend by artists Andy DuCett and Ruben Nusz - a host for their parasitic work.
Is that too harsh? It is not meant to be pejorative. But their new works that will debut in the gallery this weekend are a couple of bloodsuckers.

Andy DuCett's mixed-media installation will permeate the entire main gallery space, nourishing itself with the histories of AOT, its building and the neighborhood. This piece, entitled AOT Has Been Here Forever, Except When it Wasn't, uses AOT as a source of cartographic fact and fiction by mapping these histories like a landscape of nostalgia. Building upon much of his past installation work employing all things thrift store kitsch, as well as his architectural and illustrative drawings, DuCett seeks to investigate the ways we subjectively interpret and connect with the world around us all.
For the inaugural exhibition in the AOT Project Space, Ruben Nusz infests it with his latest work, Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires. Determined to create the mis-en-scene of a bathroom, this work takes a shot across the bow of contemporary art, its practitioners and supporters. Nusz challenges viewers to engage in a dialogue of class, taste, and wealth and the dynamic each fosters and/or subverts with art.
Sheesh, talk about a couple of vampires. We are not sure how we will survive this month, so you better come check it out while we still have some life left in us.

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