Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the News

This is my new news segment called 'In the News.' This will be a short blog entry regarding upcoming activities at AOT and artists who have shown at AOT in the past - what they are up to, shows they are in, dirty gossip, etc. It will be monthly, more or less. Pretty straightforward. Also, if you have any info regarding artists who have been involved with AOT events/exhibitions, please pass it along to C'mon.

AOT's first One-Nighter is Saturday June 6 from 7-11. Titled, 'There is No Option,' this is a group happening organized by local artist Eric Jones. For more info, check out this blogspot!
The second One-N ighter of the summer is not until July 18. Sarah Witt, an artist affiliated with Elsewhere Artist Collaborative in Greensboro, NC, will be bringing here Polymorphous Plastic Parade to Minneapolis with a band of artists along for the ride.
First up, although not in any particular order, Jennifer Danos has a site-specific installation a the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts. Up in Fridley, MN, this exhibition runs thru June 26.
Suzy Greenberg is the Director of SOOVAC and they have an opening coming up Friday June 5, 6-9pm or something like that. 'A New Breed of Watercolor,' it runs thru June 26.
Angela Zammarelli has uploaded about a thousand new photos on her flickr page.
Jade Townsend was recently involved in the Chelsea Visits Havana project, where basically a bunch of Chelsea art galleries invaded Cuba to exhibit their wares. Jade's piece was pretty fantastic but I can't seem to locate the images at the moment. He also is dropping acid regularly again.
Hardland/Heartland has been painting in the woods or something crazy like that. Hippies.
Our esteemed and lovely board member, Yasmil Raymond, has earned a position with the DIA Foundation in New York City. While we will miss her madly, she will undoubtedly be an amazing addition to DIA. Don't forget to check out the show she has curated at the Walker Art Center by artist Tomás Saraceno, 'Lighter Than Air.' It runs thru August 30. And especially don't forget to wish her 'Buen Cumpleaños' on June 22!
Stay in touch everybody.

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